What is Holistic Coaching?

Holistic Coaching can be a springboard toward creating long lasting change in your life. Do you yearn for a more peaceful, satisfying life? Do you repeatedly face the same stumbling blocks?

The following are some areas where holistic coaching can be a tremendous tool in moving forward to experience a more deeply rewarding, and meaningful life:

Stepping forward to begin manifesting a long held dream.

Taking the leap to start your own business.

Manifesting a calm, more cooperative and/or efficient business. Team-building, as well as integrative systems creation.

Facing life-changing situations that may be causing depression, nervousness, or general stress.

Creating a simpler, more satisfying life and lifestyle. This can include anything from your immediate surroundings, relationships, employment, and daily routine.

Living with health issues and having an ally to investigate healing modalities.

Learning to love the body that you have, today.

Creating a realistic food plan for busy lives, or for those who really don’t feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Creating a yoga or meditation practice at home.

Integrating a spiritual practice into your daily life.

What is Holistic Coaching?

The general principle of holism was summarized by Aristotle in the Metaphysics: “The whole is more than the sum of its parts,” and aren’t we as human beings much more than just the sum of our parts? We are more than just our bodies, our education, our family and social history, we are individuals with these human influences but we are also spiritual beings. Our life experience, and how we interpret and react to it, is different for each of us.

Holistic can be explained as being concerned with the whole or a with a complete system rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts, of a health issue, a business, or even a personal “problem”. For instance, holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body recognizing that one is effected by the other. The same holds for holistic coaching since each area in our life is the result of all of the areas of our life.

A holistic approach to coaching integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual to bring them to their full potential. With such an approach core issues that can be blocking complete manifestation of goals are discovered, revealed and released.

In our society when problems arise the usual approach to solving them is merely symptomatic, much as it is in dealing with illness.  In our western approach whatever is ailing the patient (or business, or personal issue) is examined and then an attempt to remedy this symptom is prescribed.  Have a cold take this remedy, headache take this pain reliever and so on. Rarely is there an examination of what is causing the symptom…why does someone experience headaches? why do you have indigestion?  In this approach treatment is given so that the discomfort is alleviated, but rarely is the real cause eliminated just masked until it creates another symptom, often even a more serious one. The same can be said for many personal issues that we often struggle with, they repeat themselves again and again until they become just too unbearable. We then either seek desperately for their ultimate resolution or we may seek greater distractions to run from them.

In a holistic approach to coaching the individual in her or his entirety is considered when looking at an issue…Depending on the issue(s) that we are focusing on a range of other issues are explored: how is your emotional well being, home-life, has this issue come up before, how is your diet, do you rest at night, do you exercise, are you under stress?

Holistic Coaching’s goal is to find the source of the issue, not just eliminate it.

Often we have success in business yet there is something missing from our lives, we somehow still feel unfulfilled. This inner force of discontentment often drives us to seek more success. We create more and achieve more, yet with each step toward worldly success we often move farther away from that inner source of happiness and contentment.

Holistic Coaching can assist in recognizing priorities and the important values in your life, to discover and experience a new meaning of fulfillment.

In facing health issues, the entire person must be considered not just the body, or the dis-ease. This adds to the effectiveness of any treatment since the body does not function in isolation, in health or sickness. All conditions physical, mental and social are considered. The emotions play a huge component in any physical treatment as well. It is well documented that depressed individuals are prone to illness much more than people with a positive outlook. Our emotional and mental state definitely plays a role in our physical well being and recovery from illness, and this cannot be minimized.

Holistic coaching can assist when dealing with health issues to discover what emotions may have played a role in their appearance as well as recovery.

What are the most important things in life? Vibrant health, satisfying relationships, feeling joyful…. These may seem elusive but we would usually love to experience them. We certainly find them important when we do not have them. For instance, we never appreciate our good health more than when we lose it.

Holistic coaching can provide the direction and the tools to experience a more satisfying life.

Coaching can entail something as specific as assisting you to start a new business, make a career change, deal with a health issue or take the leap and fulfill a dream long held or it can be of a broader nature dealing not with any specific challenge but that inner knowing that something needs to change but not even knowing what it is or where to start.

Experience the power and enthusiasm to live the life you dream about.

Coaching is possible in person in Santa Fe, NM and Los Angeles, CA and also by telephone or Skype.

For more information about holistic coaching or if you have questions, please email me at


As we courageously step on the path of self awareness and dare to live a fulfilling life, we offer courage and strength to others to do the same. The more we live the life of our dreams the more joy and happiness we bring into the world…….


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