A beautiful daily remembrance

“May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are.”

I am not aware of who wrote this originally (if you know please send the author’s name) but it is a beautiful daily thought, or prayer… however you like to define it. When we can remember to remember that each phase of our life can offer us incredible gifts leading us to unthought of possibilities we can allow the unfolding of our lives with a bit more ease.

Not that each day will necessarily be “easy” but neither is a hike up a steep mountain, but the gift we receive when standing at the peak always makes it worth the effort. We get to experience many peaks in our lives when we have the stamina, courage and faith to continue up our personal mountains…..Perhaps one of the most important items to help us keep going is self acceptance.

The Bells

May you be content with yourself just the way you are, right now in this moment. If you want to change something in your life, that is fine but love yourself and accept yourself right now, and then visualize where you are going with an open heart for you.

I love that this quote is circulating amongst emails, at least to women, how wonderful it is when this amazing vehicle called the internet can be used for inspiration and as a great connection between people who may not have otherwise ever “met”. Try to look at all that is around you in a positive light, see the good and share your beauty. The world will continue to become more beautiful as more of us follow this route.

I am grateful to be sharing this path with you….

Sending love,


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Appreciate your life, don’t squander it

…wise words if we can remember them.

I just returned home from an all day meditation retreat and those were pretty much the closing words, a bit surprising after meditating all day, but upon a few moments reflection, I realized very fitting. Isn’t it true that any type of spiritual practice is really meant to enhance our life, and hopefully those around us and the world at large as well? However, often we miss recognizing just how incredible our lives are and what a myriad of opportunities exist if we are really willing to seek for them.

We too often pay more attention to a list of complaints, rather than a list of what we have to appreciate in our lives. When we spend more time reflecting on what we have to be grateful for, even if today it is only that you are breathing, or that you can see the sky and the stars-imagine if you couldn’t, our life feels more valuable, more important and we don’t want to squander it.

Spend a few moments right now to appreciate something in your life, really sense how amazing it is that you are on this earth, right now, doing whatever it is you were doing before reading this…how is that you have come to be in exactly this place right now? Can you recognize the opportunities that await you when you see what potential you have? Let yourself be inspired and see what happens……

of course, I would love to hear back from you……..

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Forgiveness brings us so much more…

Lately I have had a few situations in my life that I knew required forgiveness on my part, yet I often wondered…how can I really forgive these people? I have realized that only in forgiving can I truly, 100% recognize my own lessons, and hence gift, in each of these situations. It is often said, and my own experience shows this to be true, that situations will repeat themselves until we “get it”… until we realize what part we have played, so that then we can accept the lesson available to us.

Now, I am far from suggesting immediate forgiveness in the face of feeling wronged, hurt or abused in some way. An essential part of the process is allowing our feelings to arise and have expression in one way or another. Sometimes  a situation shows up today merely to be a catalyst for unresolved feelings from the past. It is in allowing the feelings to arise from today’s situation that the old buried feelings are then recognized so that they can be released.

Giving ourselves permission, even an invitation, to let these feelings be expressed is also an important element to then come to the moment of forgiveness for ourself and then ultimately the other. Since there really is no “other” in effect we move through this process together, experiencing our interconnectedness and recognizing the important role that all of those who cross our path play in our life. There are no accidents along the way…

Once we understand our lesson and can forgive we may be able to re-embrace the other with a full and open heart developing an even closer relationship, or we may recognize that we must step away, not in anger but with understanding and love for ourself. The end result can vary tremendously in one way, but in another way it is always the same…we gain a sense of peace and can move ahead in our own life with more wisdom and an expanded knowing of who we are, and what greater gift can we ask for than that?

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Shattering our illusions

The road to becoming more aware and conscious has many twists and turns. Very often we feel as if we are riding a blissful wave as we begin dwelling in a higher vibration and encountering like minded people to share our adventure. Enjoy each and every moment of this time…more is on the way.

Another aspect of our journey is waking up to the reality that we have been living and to some extent have created. Sometimes our dreams and illusions are shattered as part of this process, this can be a painful but necessary part of our awakening.  Quite often we first recognize the dream that we are living in relation to others and this can be very difficult to come to grips with, however the waking up to the illusions within can seem as if they are more than we can handle. We often have lived in a dream about ourselves, who we have seen ourselves to be and what we have allowed in our lives, for whatever reasons….this can be the most challenging to awaken to but the most essential.

Hang tight and hold on, open your eyes (inwardly and outwardly) and keep your heart open, there is light at the end of the tunnel…YOU!

This is the way of transformation and the truth will set you free so that you can live your life to its full glory and beauty.

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Welcome to Holistic CoachWelcome to my new blog for holistic coaching. Over the next few days it will be transformed into what I hope will be an inspiring tool for your own transformation. There will be regular posts and I look forward to your feedback and sharing.

We are all on the journey to come to know ourselves deeper and leave behind that which no longer represents our authentic self. As we grow and learn more about ourselves many aspects of ourselves may simply drop away but sometimes we stubbornly cling to that which no longer serves us. I hope that together we can allow these aspects to more easily drop away.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the coming weeks and months.

Try to enjoy your life whatever is happening in front of you, since surely it will change. You may as well feel good inside since this is a gift that only you can give to yourself every day.

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