Meditation and Gallery

Meditation can be an important ally to thrive in today’s fast paced world. Practicing meditation regularly can assist you to feel relaxed yet also more energetic, gain clarity and insight. The health benefits have been well documented from lowering blood pressure to healing digestive problems, assisting in losing weight and enhancing the immune system, to name just a few.

However, this is just the beginning of what you will discover with a regular meditation practice. In becoming quiet a wonderful world opens up, which is the real world of who you are and where you come from. This is an experience that is available for everyone, your religion, or lack of, does not matter. You do not need to have a specific belief system to meditate. In the end we are all part of that Source, whatever each of us may choose to call it, where we all come from and where we will all return, and this is what we connect with in meditation, our true Self.

There are many methods for  practicing meditation, some of these include: focused deep breathing, visualization, complete mindfulness of whatever you are doing (whether walking, drinking tea or looking at a photo), or focusing the mind on a phrase or mantra or, simply being free of all thoughts. Try to give yourself at least ten to twenty minutes a day to try some of these techniques and see which one(s) feels most comfortable for you. In establishing a regular (hopefully daily) practice of meditation, in a relatively short period of time you will recognize what a change it has made in your life. Rather than taking time away from your busy day, you will gain something that will provide each day with more ease and more fulfillment.

This gallery of photos is meant to provide something to focus your thoughts on, relax your mind and your body. Select a photo that you like (or each day view a new one) and let it transport you to a time and place where you feel at peace. Take a mini-break whenever you need it….your mind and body, and probably those around you will thank you.

Don’t forget your breath can be your greatest partner in your day. Try to pay attention to your breath periodically throughout the day and especially when you feel stressed, depressed, unhappy or angry. Amazingly, sometimes just coming to our breath for a few minutes can change a lot about the way we are feeling…and how wonderfully simple is that?


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