Be open to inspiration

Be open to inspiration

Very often in Western society the concept of inspiration, let alone divine inspiration, seems to be negated or mocked. Perhaps it is because in general we are all moving way too fast to be still enough to recognize when inspiration comes. Or, maybe it is the strength of the ego, not being willing to give up or even share credit if an inspired idea arises.

But in the still, quiet of our inner reflection of all that we are inspiration is a constant flow like a river. When we can allow ourselves to be quiet, dwell in gratitude or spend time in nature, we often experience that divine flow moving through us. Inspiration can manifest in many ways. Usually we think of inspiration as a sudden idea, a burst of creativity, and often it does come in this manner. However inspiration can also be the expanded awareness we experience when we connect with the totality of who we really are or even just glimpse this. A walk on a beach, in the desert or in the mountains can often trigger the inspired feelings of being connected with all that you can sense around you. What could be more inspired than Rumi’s poems to the Divine?

Sometimes when we are not in the best place mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually we can read something that has the ability to shift us in a moment. Suddenly whatever it was that had us down or depressed or out of sync or in pain seems to be lifted, we gain a new perspective and we find ourselves in a totally new vibration.

The following pages are filled with what I hope will be a source of inspiration for you. There are pages with the written word as well as links to music and videos; often music can move us from our very core. Whether it is some form of traditional devotional music, or maybe hip hop or jazz is what brings you to connect to your Self, it really doesn’t matter. Whatever works for you, works for you, so let yourself move into those inspired places often. Please send your favorite inspirational words or music suggestions, or whatever else inspires you.

It is said that when we dwell in a state of appreciation and gratitude we are in a very high vibration, and don’t you feel inspired in such moments. Let’s use these pages, as well as others. to raise our vibrations and create inspired lives, and be a light for all around us.

I thank all of you who brought me some of these beautiful words.
Share with all of us what inspires you.


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    Thanks, appreciate it.

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