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for-web-site2Welcome to my new blog that I hope will become an inspiring tool for all of our growth and transformation, an ongoing, never ending process. My name is Michelle Victoria-Delon. There will be regular posts on a myriad of subjects with the common thread of moving towards leading more fulfilling, aware, peaceful, compassionate and rewarding lives. What this looks like is different for each of us, and I celebrate that very thought. We are all unique, and have different gifts that we are here to realize, celebrate and share. How boring it would be if all of the gardens had only one flower in a single color. We are all part of the giant garden called humanity and our differences are often what bring the greatest light and joy.

A little about who I am and the work that I have done. For many years I have worked as a coach in a variety of areas: traditional life coach, business coach, health coach-often with individuals facing health challenges, and on occasion as best as I could, offering spiritual guidance. Last summer I returned to the US after living in Germany for four years (and Italy before that) where I had a holistic center called the Atmando Center. The web site lives on and if you like you can take a look at www.atmando.com. The focus of my work there was coaching, teaching yoga and the daily challenges of running a business, and add in a foreign country. Some of my other experiences include owning an organic coffee house/cafe, many years in the garment industry and having a business designing and importing Italian handbags. I also have traveled extensively, experiencing many cultures and ways of living. I have found that these varied experiences have been a tremendous asset in my coaching, allowing me to easily establish a connection with my clients.

I live primarily in beautiful Santa Fe with very frequent trips to Los Angeles, often to work with clients, but most of my coaching work is handled by telephone or over Skype. I believe in a holistic approach to coaching and living, meaning that I recognize that all aspects of our self are intricately connected: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and all areas of our life contribute to the whole. The primary focus of my work, and my life, is to be a catalyst for others to live, what is to them a more directed, deeply satisfying life filled with enthusiasm and passion. I am humbled knowing that I have been of assistance to others to achieve this, it is deeply satisfying and this is the major reason for creating this blog. I very often work with women on their journey to their empowerment, realizing the strength and beauty that lies within them.

We are all on a journey to come to know ourselves deeper and in that process we leave behind that which no longer represents our authentic selves. As we grow and learn more about who we are many aspects of ourselves simply drop away but sometimes we stubbornly cling to that which no longer serves us. I hope that together we can allow these aspects to more easily drop away. The path to self discovery and actualization is often challenging and painful, but its rewards bring us so very much, a deep knowing of the beauty of life and a new life experience filled with joy.

As you will see I take a pretty realistic, down to earth approach in spite of recognizing that this is a very magical journey, it all works together when we let it.

Looking forward to your feedback and sharing as we walk this road together.
Always sending much love,


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  1. Aidan J. Eden from Jet Hotel in Denver says:

    Hello Michelle,

    It’s Aidan from XO at Jet Hotel. I thought I would send you a quick note. It was such a pleasure meeting you.

    Oh, I forgot to mention that Z uses local farmers for most of their organic produce. You’ll have to check it out next time. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend.

    Best Wishes,


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  3. World Travel says:

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    • admin says:

      Please feel free to post what you like as long as you provide a link to where it came from. Thanks for the visit.

  4. Katheryn says:

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