Exploring Our Secret Dreams

What are you dreaming about to bring into your life?

Do you have some secret longing locked away in your heart? Perhaps it is something that you have always wanted to do, or some place you have always wanted to visit. Maybe it is a different kind of work than you have always done, that you feel would satisfy you more and bring more to those you work with or a larger community. It might be something as simple as visiting your local museums, getting out in nature more often or learning to cook, paint, knit or learn a sport.

I know that today many of us are so busy with our lives that some days we barely have time to catch our breath…in fact if it wasn’t automatic most of us would just stop breathing altogether.

But how does this make you feel?

I can tell you for myself when I get into one of those really busy times that feels like a whirlwind, I get pretty exhausted. It might be exhilarating at first, but then there comes this sense of, what am I doing, and does it really matter? It also takes me to a place of evaluating what really is important in life, and whether or not I am living that.

I recognize that times come when things just happen and we get a bit swamped…I have had a week like that and it is only Wednesday morning, but I am speaking about when it goes on and on and anything non-essential gets put to the bottom of the list, and often those are the things that really nurture our spirit and heart.

But is this quality living and what of those secret dreams and desires for something else in our lives?

For me I have recently jumped into one of those long held wishes and I have experienced a part of myself that feels more like me than almost anything else I have done in my life. I always felt a pull to artistic work but felt that I did not have any talent in this area so I never pursued it. I appreciated art, and beauty in any form has always been important to me and something that fed my heart. But to do something along those lines…I never even attempted it since I felt I had no ability. I also was caught up in the busy-ness of life, and so if an inkling came to take a pottery class (at least I would not need to draw anything) or something else along those lines, well I was just too busy.

This all changed for me around the beginning of the year when I started a collage, my first “art project” probably since elementary school. On one of my many visits to the art supply store I was told of a collage class that was starting in about a week, and so I emrolled. It has now been about five weeks and I am having such a wonderful time with this, it has opened a part of myself that I always felt was there but never had let out.

What has been equally important is the opportunity to take a look at the blocks that I had allowed to prevent me from exploring something that I had always felt pulled to do.

Why would I not pursue something that I always wanted to do?

I have seen that I carried some very false ideas about creativity, talent and being able to learn something new. Somehow I had the idea that you either had talent to do art or you didn’t. In hindsight it seems ridiculous since people go to art school to learn how to create art.  I never put being an artist in the same category as being a doctor, lawyer, even a chef…These were all something that one could say I want to be a _________ and then go to school to learn how. But somehow art seemed different to me.

I realize now that there had been a part of me that assumed we innately know certain elements of what we wanted to pursue. It never entered my mind to consider going to art school because I love art and learn how to be an artist. Somehow more creative careers didn’t have the same approach, in my mind, but they do in reality…we can learn just about anything if we really want to and are willing to make the time and take the risk.

I share this in hopes of inspiring others to take the leap to explore what it is that has slept in their hearts for far too long and is time to wake up. There must be a reason that we carry certain dreams. Imagine it is because we are meant to experience them, that they are an integral part of our being and a necessary part of our self expression and development.

We all want to live more authentic and fulfilling lives and this just might be one way to come closer to that experience. What have you been dreaming of?

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