Appreciate your life, don’t squander it

…wise words if we can remember them.

I just returned home from an all day meditation retreat and those were pretty much the closing words, a bit surprising after meditating all day, but upon a few moments reflection, I realized very fitting. Isn’t it true that any type of spiritual practice is really meant to enhance our life, and hopefully those around us and the world at large as well? However, often we miss recognizing just how incredible our lives are and what a myriad of opportunities exist if we are really willing to seek for them.

We too often pay more attention to a list of complaints, rather than a list of what we have to appreciate in our lives. When we spend more time reflecting on what we have to be grateful for, even if today it is only that you are breathing, or that you can see the sky and the stars-imagine if you couldn’t, our life feels more valuable, more important and we don’t want to squander it.

Spend a few moments right now to appreciate something in your life, really sense how amazing it is that you are on this earth, right now, doing whatever it is you were doing before reading this…how is that you have come to be in exactly this place right now? Can you recognize the opportunities that await you when you see what potential you have? Let yourself be inspired and see what happens……

of course, I would love to hear back from you……..

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  1. wish our country flourishes and people live in peace

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